Lime-Eater (r) Mag-Erad (r) Bor-Coil (r)Deliming Prodects by Tri-Bros. (tm) Chemical Corporation
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Note: Licensed Contractors, Insurance Inspectors, Union Trainers! 
Is there News about the new 2017 Code, we have to talk. This should reduce the chance of a water heater exploding, exponentially.  Worked hard, other people actually finally understood and helped!  ...Got the code changes Finally!

This is the REAL LIME-EATER from TRI-BROS tm CHEMICAL CORP. not that other product that is using our Trademarked Name selling a soap solution then seemingly trying to switch people to buy goop of unknown chemicals, we do not know how much lead, cadmium, radioactivity, poisons, etc. are in their muck.  

Lime Scale Remover:  We do know that Patented Tri-Bros. Chemical Corp. Lime-Eater (r)  is FOOD GRADE and the REAL DEAL. The Feds need to investigate the company confusing our customers.  I call upon the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the FBI to go over their records and possible bait and switch and other business practices.  Know this, to that company confusing our customers; there is a chance the FEDS have the interest to take down people who are hurting others and or the economy.  Could that be you?  Feds, go for it!

There is a company using our Lime-Eater name, we do not support or condone their use.  We have no control as to what goop they put in the containers, our quality control is so strong, so the way they did it was to get a trademark in another class and then suddenly without our knowledge of its existence start selling it and in our class. We do not know what is in it, if it contains a percentage of poisons, is it food grade, is it technical grade, what is the active material, and of course many companies water it down so much they should be selling you their product for the price of water.  There is a Muriatic/Hydrochloric product that says it is safe. It is not, they claim it is 5% hydrochloric, but, I would bet that company owner would not stick his head in a vat of the stuff and open his eyes, yet their MSDS sheet makes it sound like you can.  Meanwhile that product fumes, get in your lungs, eats at them, but they are really cheap. What is your life worth, and how much do you have to use to dissolve the same amount 5 gallons of Tri-Bros (tm) patented Lime-Eater, Borcoil or Mag-Erad (Powder Concentrate) will dissolve. Remember, there is no oversight on MSDS and SDS Sheets. A company can outright lie, and OSHA does nothing. OSHA should be reviewing all products and their declared SDS Sheets based on standards of proof.  No one should be allowed to make claims of safety when they never tested or proved the safety. The companies think you are not intelligent. They think you do not question what you are told. They think you believe it because it looks official in some way.  Scam artists make millions in such manners. If you read this far, your Intellectual ability is either very high or you are a wannabe competitor. 

Radio People, such as WCPT Mighty House,    Ron Cowgill is a person I talk to, he is just likable. It is great to be around people that actually care about each other.  You are not a thing to be taken.  You are a human being and so are we. If that is a fuller relationship that you find useful, people caring about each other, that is an important part of how we do business.

The FaceBook Page for Mag-Erad and Bor-Coil.  It is intended to help answer technical question from the people that are the Patent Holder(s). This gives you first person guidance.

 Mag-Erad® Deliming PowerHouse.  It is going to be very easily available soon. We look forward to direct Sales, but distributors, you might want to contact   Jason at R. C. Sales and Service, manufacturer's Representative  877-598-1233 or of course call  at the factory, 847-564-2320.   What it will do is going to make it your favorite product of its Kind.  This stuff is Power Packed. yet it is Non-Toxic. When we say Powerful, that  means not just a few bubbles for a few seconds like the watery stuff shown on TV that is made from an extract of sore muscles and a lot of water, we are instead talking MAG-ERAD POWERFUL. This has staying POWER. It is all the great PLUS!

Mag-Erad® Lime-Eater® Borcoil® all Trademarked Deliming Products comprised of special non-toxic materials that are not imported from dangerous Countries, where the quality is unknown, these are all food grade active ingredients. Mag-Erad can now be used in Tankless Water Heaters using Manufacturer's Instructions along with instructions on new Mag-Erad Label.

To the bloggers, thank you, a lot of your positive feedback has been helpful. 

Tri- Bros. Chemical Corporation also called TBC or Tri-Brothers

manufacturers under Trademark registrations and Patents that were previously obtained:

Lime-Eater Delimer for Professional Use

BorCoil Bor-Coil Bor Coil for Professional Use

Mag-Erad Delimer for Residential Gas Tank Type  Tankless Water Heaters and Electric Water Heaters.

also versions available for humidifiers. 

A. O. Smith Corporation has an incredible product along with the Mag-Erad called Un-Lime.

No highly diluted knock off substitutes are worthy, with their Hydrochloric/Muriatic, sometimes really watered down and always fuming, also attacks copper and causes Iron Chlorides which perpetually corrode the tanks, it never flushes out but forms a corrosion cell, no cheap sour milk, lactic acid, no vinegar which contains acetic acid which attacks copper and in the purer form was used as a wart remover, there are things being sold that are so pathetic, but in this 5 second world how do you know? That is why it is important to discuss in depth.

Lime-Eater  available through many wholesalers including as a master Supplier, Rheem Manufacuring because it is properly formulated for the uses intended.

You can always ask questions for more technical advice email me at:

For the radio Show Hosts I talk to, please feel free to continue those conversations, and for the others who are interested, you can look up my profile on LinkedIn and then after you see that, we can arrange for me to appear on your show to help assure people are safe.

Always remember during your shows to teacht that the CSA Rating is used for the temperature and Pressure relief valve for Potable Systems. This is Critical. The other rating is not set up to clear at the 20 - 80 pounds of a Potable System. The NB/ASME is set up at 125 or 150 Pounds, which is not helpful because water can get over 350'F and flash scald to death anyone opening a faucet. See my Task Committee work for more information.

As my close friends know, I hold several United States patents and write entire manuals and do very technical research so that we can truthfully answer questions, not make up fantasy answers based on enticing you to buy something.  We work with people. It is the right way to treat others. Then, you van make in informed decision. We have an honest approach to helping you make the best decisions to maintain equipment that is worth many hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

See for a site that does independent Internet Sales. To this point they have shown themselves to be ethical and care about their customers though this is not an endorsement.  People who play fair and especially who care about others, what it should be like in the marketplace. If not, you are not helping anyone. Instead, for all of us who devote our lives to doing the right thing to help others, you destroy the chances of a better world for yet another generation. And, no one will remember you for good.

To people who care about each other, we want to all form a great team perhaps, then this generation will see what many of us know will eventually occur.

Mag-Erad Delimer Lime Scale Remover  Bor-Coil Lime-Eater _2_Lb_Can_04030016.pngLime Scale Remover Lime-Eater_Delimer Bor-Coil_Delimer_8-10-2016_1551.png